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REHAB Pilates

The benefits of Pilates as an effective workout is widely known. These benefits can also be applied to a rehabilitative setting as Rehab Pilates promotes the strengthening of the core, improvement of posture, increases agility, and toning of the body while treating the affected area. Rehab Pilates incorporates the Pilates method with rehab principles to treat injuries and long-standing conditions such as arthritis. It can be tremendously effective for people of all levels of physical fitness. Often clients have been seeing us for Physiotherapy and once they are nearing recovery, they continue with Rehab Pilates to both continue their recovery and help prevent the injury from re-occurring.

What is Rehab Pilates?

Rehab Pilates has been specifically developed for use by clinically trained professional, such as Physiotherapists, Kinesiologist or Physiotherapy Assistants. It incorporates Pilates principles with a rehabilitation focus. Pilates can help restore and retrain muscle function following an injury. It’s also effective in preventing osteoporosis. This type of Pilates is particularly suitable if you suffer from back or neck pain, have a suffered an injury or have a long-standing condition such as arthritis.

What are the benefits of Rehab Pilates?

Rehab Pilates allows an individual to experience exercise in a safe, supervised way to positively treat an area of the body. Rehab Pilates uses the principles of Pilates to strengthen and help recover areas of the body affected by injuries and conditions. The Rehab Pilates instructor will adjust an individual’s plan according to their ability and modify the treatment according to the individual’s comfort level.

How do I qualify and start Rehab Pilates?

First there will be an assessment by a Physiotherapist who is certified in Pilates. The team at Meadowlands Physiotherapy are all STOTT Pilates certified. Your Physiotherapist will then determine if you would benefit from Rehab Pilates and will create a treatment outlining the recommended number of sessions and when you need to be re-assessed. Rehab Pilates may be covered under your physiotherapy benefits.

What happens after my assigned Rehab Pilates sessions are completed?

After the all recommended Rehab Pilates are completed, a Rehab Pilates reassessment must occur. This typically occurs after 6-12 sessions and will allow the Physiotherapist to determine if you are still appropriate for Rehab Pilates, and if you are in need of additional Rehab Pilates.

Does my insurance cover Rehab Pilates?

Your physiotherapy benefits may cover Rehab Pilates, as long as the Physiotherapist is certified in the Pilates method.


(1) Is Pilates good for rehabilitation?

Pilates is great for rehabilitation from an injury because it promotes agility and good posture by strengthening your core and toning your body. Core strength is critical for rehabilitation and for preventing future injuries.

(2) What happens if you do Pilates everyday?

You'll develop a stronger core by doing Pilates every day. Pilates is a full-body exercise. A Pilates workout is centered around core movements. As a result, doing Pilates every day means that you'll get a top-notch core workout.

(3) What is Pilates physiotherapy?

Pilates is a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture and enhance mental awareness.

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