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Smartphone Apps for Physio Compliance

Searching for a gift for a physiotherapist you know? Look no further, we have found the best gift of all: a tool to get better results for their clients.

What do Physiotherapists Want Most?

The truth is, being a physiotherapist can be a little discouraging. We know the exercises, stretches, and other treatments we ask patients to perform at home can be hard, frustrating, sometimes even painful.

So, we’re always searching for ways to make it easier for people to stick with their program and see the results they want, whether that’s pain reduction, increased range of motion, or better performance. Usually, life gets in the way and our patients don’t do all of the activities they need to.

The answer might be here. New research has found that patients adhere to their home physiotherapy activities more successfully if they are provided with an app, instead of our old paper worksheets.

The App

The app used in the study is simply called Physiotherapy Exercises. It’s completely free and allows physiotherapists to personalize their patient’s plan with any of the over 1,000 exercises logged in the app. The patient can then access the instructions for the exercises at any time, without worrying about losing them, and track their progress.

Research has found that those who use this app stick to the exercise regimen better, according to self-reporting. That makes sense, as the app makes physiotherapy more convenient and breaks down barriers that patients stumble upon as they try to complete the exercises, like losing their instructions.

Other Physiotherapy Apps

The physiotherapist you’re shopping for doesn’t have to use this specific app. While it’s the only app backed by research, other physiotherapy apps exist. Plus, general fitness apps may even provide more benefits, by giving patients tools that they can use for healthy living more generally.

Here are some options that might work for you:

  • Rehab TherX: This is a paid app, that has less exercises than our first app. However, it also lets you email your physio program to your patient, and lets your patient create their own regimen.
  • PhysioAdvisor Exercises: This is also a paid app, but it has a reminder feature that can alert your patients to start their regimen at a specific time they choose. These reminders may help them boost their compliance!
  • Pocket Physio: This app offers more than exercises. It helps your patients learn how to walk with crutches or a cane, get in and out of vehicles, even bathing with an injury. It also allows patients to assess and manage their own pain.
  • PhysioTrack: This app focuses on reminding patients about their exercises. It allows them to check off each movement after they have completed it, so they will remember if they had to skip an exercise or found something too challenging. This can help you tailor their regimen.


Give every physiotherapist in your life what they really want—a way to better help their patients and increase their positive impact on other people’s lives.

Want to learn more about physiotherapy compliance? Contact us at Meadowlands with any physio questions you may have. Our registered physiotherapists are experienced and love to help people.