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what is osteocircuit

What is OsteoCircuit?

OsteoCircuit is an exercise program for those with osteoporosis or it’s precursor, osteopoenia.

Researchers at the University of Toronto found that those who complete this exercise program reduce their overall risk of fractures. The Physiotherapy Department at UofT, which conducted the study, suggested the OsteoCircuit program be expanded to more clinics and communities.

We’re proud to offer OsteoCircuit here at Meadowlands Physiotherapy!

If you complete the OsteoCircuit program, you will see improvements in your:

  • Balance and flexibility
  • Arm and leg strength
  • Core strength
  • Posture and spine alignment
  • Stamina.

How OsteoCircuit Work?

You’re probably wondering how these benefits help you prevent or combat osteoporosis. After all, at first glance core strength doesn’t seem important for your bones.

However, bones are just like muscle, if you put pressure on them, they’ll grow stronger. If you don’t use them, your osteoporosis will likely get worse. Unfortunately, many people with osteoporosis prefer low-impact activities that don’t put enough pressure on their bones. Examples of these low-impact activities include swimming, cycling, rock climbing, and Tai Chi.

OsteoCircuit is designed to guide you through high-impact exercises that will put pressure on your bones, without over-exerting yourself or moving in a dangerous way. The various exercises are intended to increase your bone density, but they also have several other benefits.

These exercises will help you become more flexible, balanced, and strong. That way, you’re less likely to fall or lose your balance and when you do, you’ll be able to compensate with strength and your core muscles.

Of course, falls still happen to even the most physically fit people. But thanks to your increased strength, you’ll also be less likely to suffer a fracture or break if you do fall. Your core will be able to stabilize you faster, and your arms and legs will be stronger, so you can catch yourself more easily. And hopefully you’ll have better bone density so that your bones are less likely to fracture.

You can take what you learn in OsteoCircuit into all of the other activities you enjoy. Knowing how to move to develop your bones is a lifelong skill, not just something to practice when you’re in the program.

Posture and Diet

OsteoCircuit will also teach you about spine alignment and posture, both while you’re moving and while you’re sitting still. This can help you avoid the “stooped” posture that results from osteoporosis.

Another element of the program that you can take home is the knowledge you’ll learn about bone healthy diets. Sometimes poor diet contributes to bone density loss, and there are nutrients you can focus on to help your bone strength, including calcium and protein.

Try OsteoCircuit at Meadowlands

Meadowlands is excited to bring this new program to our communities. Most of our physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants have become OsteoCircuit trained and are ready to help you have fun while reducing your fracture risk. Meadowlands Physiotherapy offers OsteoCircuit as private sessions and as group exercise. Contact us to sign up for either or to learn more about the program.